What are the Best Places You might Consider Sailing?

When almost everyone thinks about having an adventure, trekking through the Himalayas or going to African safari strikes our mind. However, sailing can just be the original form of adventure travel. It sends the fearless travelers off to the far corners of the planet with a little more adventure. And the open ocean in front of them makes it even more exciting.

  • Bahamas

A few of the best sailing destinations lay just an overnight journey away from busy South Florida. The magazine photos of ideal white-sand beaches, as well as idyllic anchorages, are heavenly. Without any doubt, anyone can certainly say that this is more than a sailing dream.

If you never went sailing to the Bahamas before this, then this is the right time – especially as traditional cruising grounds like Italy are affected by COVID. You may be wondering what the finest islands are and what the cruising conditions might be like. To address these queries, you can read more about this article about the Bahamas.

  • Intracoastal Waterway

Each year in October, hundreds of people leave England ports to travel further south for warmer locations. This annual traveling follows two fundamental routes, likely offshore to Bermuda and then to the Caribbean. Moreover, it can also be along the coast, where locations might include the Bahamas, Florida. You can also have a sail all along the Thorny Path to the Virgin Islands and even beyond.

In Bermuda, the sailors frequently hang around for another spell of the fair northerly winds towards the Caribbean. However, the island, which is located east of the Gulf Stream, can be difficult to visit. This, by no means, is an ideal place to weather strong autumnal lows springing further eastward from the mainland. It is neither an intermittent tropical system that is barreling through in October or even November.

  • Southern New England

A five-day sail across the well-appointed Jeanneau 53 in Southern New England is a location that you must consider visiting. Southern New England is a place that can surely put the young, career-driven couples at ease. Though, your first experience in a boat that is larger than a skiff in Rhode Island can be memorable.

  • Nova Scotia

The wonderful and mesmerizing quiet coast of Nova Scotia is a nature lovers’ dream destination. It is packed with all the geologic and cultural history. You can have the view of all the granite, Spruce trees, sea, grasses, seals and terns, there is absolutely no shortage of enthusiasm here.

  • Bermuda 

All the ocean-going travelers who are sailing through the North Atlantic and Bermuda have come across this popular destination. But Bermuda is much more than simply a waypoint. It is also a magnificent sailing location.

  • Fiji

Sailing yachts from all across the globe visit Fiji Islands to anchor the crystal-clear seawater of the South Pacific. This Pacific Island is always a refreshing break, with some world-class beachcombing, snorkeling as well as hiking.

  • Marquesas

The isolated and untamed Marquesas is an unforgettable sailing location in the middle of the South Pacific. The scenery of these young islands always reflects the dawn of time. The beautiful drama of the islands’ brutal, volcanic origins is still active with soaring peaks rising over anchorages.

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