Ways to Enjoy the Water Near Sydney

Sydney is a harbour city and close to the ocean, so when you visit, there are lots of ways you can enjoy the water, whether you like adventurous activities or just want to take in the view. Here are some water-based things to do that are in the city or just a short drive from Sydney.

Go on a whale watching trip

When whales migrate in the winter, they swim close to the shores of Sydney. If you want to see these amazing creatures up close, you can book whale watching Sydney, with boats that depart from Darling Harbour. Most tours are a couple of hours in length, so you get time to take in the views of the city while looking out for whales. June and July tend to be the best months to spot whales, but you can also see them during other periods.


The classic way to enjoy the waters near Sydney is to hit the beach at sunrise with a surfboard.  Never surfed before? There are lots of places where you can take lessons.

Some of the best places to surf in Sydney include:

  • Wanda Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Whale Beach
  • Long Reef

There are both places for experienced surfers, plus beaches more suitable for beginners, so you are bound to find a spot that suits you.

Go snorkelling

If you aren’t into scuba diving, and don’t have the time to learn, snorkelling is a fun, relaxed alternative and still lets you see lots of colourful sea creatures. Visit spots such as Cabbage Tree Bay, where you can enjoy the rocky, untamed beaches and spot unusual fish just under the surface.

Swim and relax

Since it’s your holiday, you might simply want to surf, relax and enjoy the local beaches. It’s worth getting to Bondi one day if you can, as this is close to the city and one of the most iconic beaches in the area. However, there are lots of smaller, often underrated beaches that are close to Sydney and quiet, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Sydney may be a major city, but it’s the sort of place where you can enjoy a wide variety of water spots and enjoy the natural, beautiful water that’s on your doorstep. From surfing to swimming, there are so many ways to explore the waters close to Sydney, and if you want to stay dry, simply taking a boat tour allows you to enjoy the views.

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