The Best Place To Stay In Pattaya

Pattaya has a reputation with many travellers of being an adult playground, but it is also a family-friendly resort, with plenty to see and do when you stay. Whether you are looking for a lovely family holiday or you are going there to party hard, you will want to select a suitable hotel that has all the amenities that you require. Below is some information to help you choose the best hotel for your trip to help ensure that you have a fantastic holiday in Pattaya and make lots of memories that will last you for a lifetime.

Staying Along The Beach

Out of all the beaches in Thailand, Pattaya is not the best, and in some spots, it can be dirty, so you will need to decide whether you will be happy to go to the beach, or if staying by the hotel pool is more your thing. One alternative is to choose one of the hotels that have a private beach, which often tends to be much cleaner; however, there are other beaches in the area that you can get to if you do not mind travelling a short distance.

What Do You Want In A Hotel?

You will need to decide what you want in a hotel in Pattaya, and it will also depend on how much time you will be spending there. If you are planning on spending all day by the pool topping up your tan, then you will want to choose a hotel that has excellent facilities. However, suppose you are planning to be out most days exploring and seeing the sights. In that case, the hotel amenities may be less relevant to you, and you may make your decision based on convenience over anything else.

Everything On Your Doorstep

One of the best things about staying close to the beach in Pattaya is that you will have everything on your doorstep that you will need to have a fantastic holiday. You have plenty of shopping close by, including air-conditioned shopping malls, as well as street vendors selling their wares. You will also have plenty of choices when it comes to eating, and there is a variety of entertainment available on your doorstep.

Something A Bit Quieter

If you would prefer something a little bit quieter than staying next to the beach in Pattaya and excellent alternative is to stay in Jomtien, which is a few minutes taxi ride away. The beach is a lot quieter in this area as well as being cleaner, and it is also much friendlier for families with very few adult entertainment areas.

Do plenty of research before you book your trip and select the hotel or resort which is going to suit your needs best. Where ever you decide to stay, one thing is for sure, your trip to Pattaya is going to be a memorable one, and it may become your new favourite holiday destination.

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