The Unbeatable Experience of Fishing Australia’s Gold Coast.

There are all kinds of holiday options in this world, but very few that can beat deep sea fishing on the Gold Coast, near Queensland, Australia. At the very least you will enjoy a tropical cruise in a relaxing environment. But combine that with the adrenaline pumping action of hooking into one of the world’s most desired gamefish, such as marlin, swordfish, or mahi-mahi. Then you will know you are living the dream and returning with a swagger.

Variety: The variety of fish the Gold Coast has to offer is off the hook. But with a proper guide and the right equipment you will soon have a few fine examples on your own (hook that is). Aside from the species mentioned earlier, the Gold Coast has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to fish diversity. 28 of the world’s 50 most popular sport fish are found in the region, including several types of shark, trevally, swordfish, tuna, and others. Then there is all the other aquatic life that will be seen along the way.

How to do it right: There is no answer to this question other than: You hire a respected, professional, charter service, to ensure that you are going to get every ounce of satisfaction from this experience. Not everyone who owns a boat can deliver you that once in a lifetime experience that has topped your bucket list for years. Gold Coast Fishing Charters is one such company that provides everything for successful half and full day excursions. Or even a full weekend.

When to go: The Gold Coast has sportfishing year-round, but some of the fishing is seasonal. Most species can be found between April to November, depending on current water temperatures, but some fish are available later on. Wahoo, sailfish, dolphin fish and yellowfin are popular from December and into the new year. Your charter company will have specific information available and will help arrange the best time to pursue whatever monster of the deep you desire.

Time on the water with your best mates or family is hard to improve upon. It can be a unique shared adventure as you connect with the ocean and the freedom of the deep blue sea. With dolphins and whales to guide you to the perfect day. Saltwater sport fishing is so removed from the everyday grind. It can be an essential break and a great way to reset and revitalise your soul. The Gold Coast is second to none for a marine adventure and could easily be your next holiday destination.

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