First-timers Guide: Travel Tips and Things to see in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo surpasses all destinations in the world with the delicacies and cuisines on offer. It is not the quantity of food that appeals but the quality. Apart from what is on the menu, there are various fun activities than one can engage in. Depending on your preferences, there are traditional and ultramodern places to visit. When planning to travel to Tokyo, it is essential to have some background knowledge about the area. In this article, we will prepare you for what to expect, and you will know how to plan for the trip.

Adventure in Tokyo

It will rock your world when you visit Tokyo. A trip to the city will be an epic experience due to the overwhelming but still exciting lifestyle. From beautiful flowers in the neighborhoods to a vibrant nightlife, Tokyo is an adventurous place to go for a vacation with loved ones. You will find yourself planning for a second trip once you visit the place.

Even though the city is populous, there is minimal noise pollution. The ambiance is friendly, and it is most likely for first-time travelers to appreciate the experience. Planning for a trip is critical to make the stay smooth and successful.

There are lots of Fun Activities in the City

After finishing a trip or vacation in Tokyo, you will most likely recount the fun things you engaged in. Since it is probably the first time going to Tokyo, we will sample some activities that you can include in your plan;

Go to a Sumo Match

The match of wrestling is famous across the country and popular with Tokyo residents. Sumo traces its history to more than three hundred years ago, and it is an ideal way to see one of the historical games for the locals. Each year many tournaments attract competitors from different regions.

Although Kokugikan is an ancient venue for the games, you can still attend a sumo match. Search online for dates on planned events for coordinated planning. By booking a tour, you can visit the places where the competitors stay and train. To watch, you have to purchase a ticket at affordable prices.

Senso-Ji Temple

In Tokyo, the Asakusa region hosts the country’s most famous shrine. It is a sacred place for the Buddhist religion sitting at the end of a long street selling artifacts and carved items. There are frequent visitors to the temple as they believe in the healing power of incense burning. Book a tour to explore different parts of the sacred place. The experience differs when you visit in the morning and the dark.

Shop at the World of Electronics and Ginza City

Shopping at the electric town of Akihabara will offer you access to devices of advanced technology. There are varieties of electronic items, and you will find anything that you can think of. The lighting of the area is fantastic, with bright advertisements illuminating the streets. Modern technologies make the place seem unreal. Carry enough cash to buy yourself a tech that you will probably find nowhere else.

Visit one of the busiest shopping centers in Ginza city. Historically the place is a hub for trading activities with exquisite and trending products on sale. The area is easily accessible due to the network of roads from all corners. Life is moving fast at the shopping center. However, you can get a meal or drink at restaurants on the premises.

Visit Mount Fuji

Just in the outskirts of the city, Mount Fuji has a beautiful view and scenery. It is an ideal getaway place for residents, and tourists will enjoy spending a few days at the accommodations onsite. The environment is serene, thus making it an excellent place to hideaway. Mount Fuji is fun for couples and loved ones to spend their time.

Nature and Science Museum

In Ueno Park, you will find an ancient museum dedicated to science and nature. The state owns the facility, and visitors can book a tour. Even though the property exists for more than 100 years, renovation works make the place look new. You can see scientific milestones on display. Some of the common works are recent technological advancements, nuclear power, space exploration, among others.

Tips for First-Time Travellers

Open your eyes with tips and insights to make your trip successful;

  • Experiment with local delicacies; you should engage in what locals love to do. Trying out the traditional cuisines may unveil to you to a new flavor.
  • Use public transport; it is easy to move about the city when you use the public transport system. The automation services for booking a bus around town help in saving time. Google maps will help you quickly navigate and trace the bus station that you want. Do not worry because signs on subways have English translations for visitors. Ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations in the transport system.
  • Do not pay extra for services; locals may find it offensive when you tip. It is not common for people to leave extra cash when paying for services. Avoid tipping since it is not acceptable there.
  • Keep left; when in walkways and corridors, you will find residents following left. Maintain the pattern to ensure a seamless flow of traffic.

Packing tips for every Traveller

When traveling, it is vital to park the right things and avoid carrying unnecessary items that make the luggage bulky.

Below are a few tips that will help while packing for the next trip;

  • Make a list of the essential things that you will need for the journey.
  • Know the size of the luggage that the carrier allows.
  • Rolling clothes utilizes space in a bag more than folding them.
  • Put the items that are heavy at the bottom.
  • Leave some extra room in the luggage for things that you will buy during the trip.
  • Do not forget to pack your medications if there are any.


Proper planning is essential when traveling to a foreign destination for the first time. The internet offers valuable information critical to the trip’s success. Everything you need to know is clicks away.

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