Top 9 Reasons to Visit Jakarta

Jakarta is a Southeast Asian metropolis with everything that you can imagine it to be. The lanes, highways, and lanes network are packed with many scooters and cars, and the amusement complexes, ultra-modern skyscrapers, and luxurious shopping malls.

Hand-in-hand with that opulence, there are ancient religious architecture and traditional street vendors. All these serve nearly ten million crowds and inhabitants of curious tourists who fly into Jakarta to discover all the surprises behind every corner. So if you still have second thoughts to visit Jakarta this year, here are reasons to convince you otherwise:

  1. Visit Shopping Centers

Although other Indonesian spots have a share of the amazing art market, traditional marketplaces, and boutiques, Jakarta still dominates when it comes to modern shopping scenes and mega shopping centers. There are tons of malls packed together in this city, making it one of the shopper’s paradise.

As a shopper, you will find international and local brands, luxury goods, and authentic handcrafted items. Even better, every year, Jakarta hosts a big discount event (Jakarta Great Sale), where costs are slashed up to around 75%.

  1. Eat Delicious Food

While in Indonesia, among the things to enjoy is amazing cuisine. Jakarta basically has a diverse range of foodstuffs available, and all the archipelago cuisine comes to provide travelers with quality Indonesian dishes.

There are many street food stalls and markets for individuals searching for something to eat, as many locals do. However, if you’re concerned about the hygiene of these dishes, you need to look for a restaurant chain, such as Sate Khan Senayan. This restaurant has different locations across the city and serves a great Indonesian dish.

With around different spots in Jakarta, each with their specialty cuisine, there are many dishes you can sample. Although other international cuisines are available, some upmarket restaurants, such as Michelin-starred chefs, serve nearly everything from Chinese to Fresh Food.

  1. Visit the Islands

Jakarta is not all about vibrant city life and tall buildings. It is also home to amazing small islands, which make up the thousand islands archipelago. Most of these islands are close to each other, making it very possible to cover at least two of them in just one day.

While on these islands, you may take part in different sports, like jumping in Tidug, snorkeling, diving, and boat riding. Some islands also have exotic resorts and the best seafood experiences.

  1. Enjoy Massage, Beauty, and Spa Services

There are a lot of spa, beauty, and massage services suitable for self-pampering. For example, you may go to a soothing spa in the city, pedicure/manicure, or traditional massage, ranging from splurge to affordable.

If you also have more time in Jakarta, you may go for a getaway over the weekend at the Javana Spa, which is only two or three hours from Jakarta.

  1. The Best Nightlife

As far as nightlife is concerned, Jakarta provides a lot of night experiences. From dancing to the beat in a club to chilling in bars with cocktails, Jakarta is one of the sure ways for night entertainment.

Clubs are also sprouting like every now and then, offering a unique nightlife to every individual. For instance, Skye is one of the must-visit clubs, especially if you want to have a great skyscraper view of the city.

Apart from Skye, you may also visit other clubs to party with friends until the wee hours and have a memorable nightlife. Some of these clubs include:

  • Empirica
  • Jenja
  • Colosseum
  • Immigrant
  • Blowfish
  • Dragonfly
  1. Witness the Religious Harmony

Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims globally, and Jakarta has the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia, boasting around nine hectares. Considering that Jakarta is the only Indonesian city that applies the Sharia law in full, its Islamic presence is tolerant.

Before, tourists to the Istiqlal Mosque used to be split into genders, with women praying two story blocks up from men on the ground. Although this rule was changed, allowing the two sexes to pray at a similar ground level, there is still a barrier between them.

Women also have the freedom to put on everything they want, but some choose to wear hijab. In addition to that, other religions are practiced in Jakarta freely, with a neon-lit Catholic church being a must-visit.

  1. See a Thriving Art and Music

For artists and musicians, you may find yourself in a welcoming environment. Jazz, Pop, EDM, and alternative music are very much alive and well. As a matter of fact, Jakarta is home to the most successful and biggest music event (Java Jazz Festival) across the globe. Additionally, international and local artists are gaining more recognition while establishing a big fan base in the city.

When it comes to art, the city conducts many art shows. Plus, galleries are popping up almost every day, ready to showcase different artworks from promising and young artists. The city’s art community, in particular, might not rival those of other countries, but it’s basically on the rise.

  1. Explore Parks and Nature

The clean and calm beaches provide an escape from the scorching heat of the sun, allowing you to practice fishing and swimming.

You may use the ferries or a boat explore around. The blue and clear water also make a beautiful scenery, while food is better prized than in the malls.

  1. See the Monas Monument and Museum

Monas in Jakarta is a popular symbol of Indonesia, which you can’t afford to ignore during your vacation. The right time to see this monument is at dusk because the sun rises slowly from the top and disappears on the horizon.

Apart from the monument, you may also look for the National History Museum around Monas. In the museum, there are many important documents, with all the historical details of Indonesia. Both the museum and monument open daily from 8 am to 3 pm every day of the week.

In Conclusion!

Jakarta is a city with many faces. It is also a melting point of shopping centers, commerce, historic sites, nightlife, and traffic.

However, being Indonesia’s capital and the biggest city in the country, it might not be every tourist’s cup of tea. This is why you must have a budget, list some places to visit and book affordable accommodation in advance.

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