The Perfect Vacation Destination Is Montague Island

Montague Island is just off the coast of Narooma. When you are looking for the perfect holiday adventure, you should consider visiting the beautiful island. Montague is home to a variety of animals. You can see colonies of fur seals, thousands of penguins, and over 90 bird species. Montague Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the South Coast. You can wine and dine at luxurious restaurants or enjoy a small eatery on the ocean waters.

How to Visit

Montague Island can only be visited by boat. The boat ride is approximately 20 minutes long and only accessible via one of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife contracted commercial vessels. The commercial vessels are operated by licensed tour operators. You will need to purchase tickets for the tour to gain access to the island. Premium tour ticket options include an overnight stay at the Montague Island Lighthouse.

Montague Island is nine kilometres or five and a half miles off the coastal shores of Narooma. If you fly into Sydney, it is approximately a four-hour drive to Narooma. The airport offers rental cars for your convenience. It is extremely beneficial to have a rental car when you are visiting Australia. You will want a rental car to get to and from destinations with ease. It is less expensive than paying for public transportation such as cab fare.

Visit the Lighthouse

The Montague Island Lighthouse is one of the island’s treasures. Each year, thousands of tourists take a boat ride to see the wonders of the Montague Island Lighthouse. You and your loved one can have a romantic getaway or a fun adventure. The Montague Island Lighthouse is open for overnight guests. When you are looking to tour the island, you should consider booking an overnight stay. You will listen to the beautiful sounds of the ocean while you are snuggled into comfortable accommodations.

Before you book a stay at the lighthouse, you should know the rules and regulations. Montague Island is protected by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife. You cannot access the island on a private boat. The lighthouse also has age restrictions as to who can stay overnight.

Swim with the Seals

The best Montague Island tours allow guests to swim with the seals. Many colonies of seals call Montague Island home. You can see playful pods of fur seals in the waters and on the shores of Montague Island. A tour guide will show you the largest seal colony or a seal cruise. You can go snorkelling and diving with the seals. If you would like to bring a camera, you should consider purchasing a waterproof camera for stunning photos with the seals. Tour guides will ask you not to feed the seals anything. The seals are protected and tour guides want to keep you, your family, and the seals safe.

Go Whale Watching

During the peak spring months from September to November, hundreds of whales migrate along the shores of Narooma. These months are very special to locals and the tourists who visit. You can see mothers teaching their offspring how to eat. The baby whales are playful and curious. The migrating whales will breach the surface and you will see their magnificent beauty. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities. Many tours offering whale watching also include swimming with the seals and a guided tour of the lighthouse. The best whale watching tours guarantee you will see a whale or you will get your money back.

Experience the Wildlife

On a guided tour, you will see whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, and various bird species. Montague Island is protected by the wildlife reserve. Pods of dolphins will playfully jump through the waters with their young ones while seals sunbathe on the island’s shores. When you visit to see one beautiful species, you will end up seeing an entire horde of other stunning animals. Tour guides will tell you the history of the island while enhancing your knowledge of the various wildlife.

If you are more interested in a less guided tour, you can take a hike through the wildlife. Hiking is a very popular activity on the island. You can take a breath of fresh air in nature and absorb your surroundings. You will hear the echoes of the birds chirping through the trees. When you decide to visit the coastal shores of Narooma or Montague Island, you must be ready for an immaculate outdoor adventure.

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