The best Restaurants in St Tropez

Gigi is the place to be for a laid-back seaside meal under the trees, thanks to its excellent Italian fare and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors will include children (there is a creative playground), their parents, friends sharing antipasti platters, and couples holding hands while sipping peach Bellinis. Laurent de Gourcuff (Monsieur Bleu, Girafe, Mn), a Parisian hospitality maestro, is at the helm of this establishment, which offers golf cart transportation to a forest behind Pampelonne, where a saffron canvas-shaded terrace and embroidered white tables await. Here, the wait staff rushes around with a plethora of appetizers, including arancini flavored with truffle oil, a salad of green beans, pistachios, and pecorino, and a slab of creamy stracciatella. From grilled fish and meat to lobster spaghetti, as well as a delectable coffee tiramisu made with mascarpone and a Proustian-inspired digestif that tastes just like a madeleine, the menu has you covered.

Bello Visto

Don’t worry about showing off your summer wardrobe; the focus is on the delicious terroir meals made by chef Sylvain Humbert at his restaurant, which is located on a flower-lined terrace high above the quaint medieval village of Gassin, just eight kilometers from St. Tropez. Delicious homemade duck foie gras topped with apricots and thyme picked from from their garden and octopus slow-cooked in white wine make excellent starters. To name just a few examples, you may look forward to roasted leg of lamb, Grand Marnier tangerine soufflé, and sea bass with eggplant, fennel, and olives, all prepared in the Provencal style. Relax with a bottle of Bandol vieux marc after dinner and watch the sun set over the yacht-filled Mediterranean and distant blue highlands.

Le Kikouiou

Tucked down on a dusty rural road close to the Plage de l’Escalet, this bamboo shack in the vines is a neighborhood haunt without the bling, frequented by both locals and the well-heeled foreign population in search of a good place to drink iced Mojitos as the sun goes down. The zesty salmon tartare, flawlessly cooked Angus steak, and crunchy fries are highlights, and the handmade apple crumble and oozing chocolate cake are sweets that your Provençal grandma might make up. Laurence Dooghe and her family have been running Kikouiou for over 31 years, and their three-course set menu, which they recommend washing down with delicious Domaine des Tournels rosé, is arguably one of the best values in town.

Gigi, Ramatuelle

Gigi, with its excellent Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere, is the place to go for a leisurely seaside lunch or dinner among the trees. Families (there’s a fun playground for the kids), groups of friends sharing antipasti, and romantic couples can all be seen here enjoying peach Bellinis and other drinks. Golf carts take diners to the restaurant in the woods behind Pampelonne, where a saffron canvas-shaded terrace and embroidered white tablecloths await. The restaurant is run by French hospitality expert Laurent de Gourcuff (Monsieur Bleu, Girafe, Mn). Here, the wait staff is always quick to bring out an abundance of appetizers, such as the arancini flavored with truffle oil, the green bean salad with pistachios and pecorino, and the creamy stracciatella. We provide lobster spaghetti, grilled fish, and meat dishes, as well as a magnificent coffee tiramisu made with mascarpone and a Proustian-inspired digestif that tastes much like a madeleine. If you’ve had your fill of pampelonne Beach’s delicious cuisine, it’s only a short stroll back to Villa Agave to relax in the sun and take in the breathtaking view of the bay.

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