4 Watersport Accessories That Are Essential For Winter

When the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, few will want to continue their favourite watersport activities. Not only does the water become uncomfortably cold but the chilly air can also make surfing and kayaking unpleasant too, with many outdoorsy people choosing to hibernate instead.

These hurdles, however, can be easily overcome with the right equipment. Just a few simple accessories can help individuals better manage the cold weather, keeping them warm and safe when adventuring out on the water.

So, if you want to continue enjoying your chosen watersport all year round and at times when few others will be around, then we have four essential accessories that you will need to equip yourself with.

Vacuum Flask

An insulated flash, or vacuum flask, is a simple and affordable accessory that will make any outdoor excursion more manageable during the winter period. Whether you choose to fill your flask with a hot drink or a meal, such as soup, then you will be equipping yourself with a quick way to warm your body up from the inside, restoring energy and heat.

These flasks are also reusable and can be taken to cafes to be filled with coffees and teas in place of a disposable cup, making them a sustainable purchase too.

Changing Robe

Those who venture onto or into the water during winter will know that, once back on land, it’s all about drying off and warming up. To do this, one not only needs an absorbent and warming towel but also a degree of privacy that allows wet clothing, such as bathing suits, to be removed. Changing robes are designed to cover all three issues, drawing moisture from the body, warming the individual up, and allowing them a comfortable and private place to change their clothing.

For anyone wanting to surf, swim, or paddleboard when the water is cold, a changing robe is a must.

Gloves & Boots

Keeping your extremities warm during winter isn’t solely about comfort, although that does play a significant role, but it’s also about safety. Gloves and boots made for swimmers and boarders alike are manufactured from neoprene, meaning that they are not only suitable for water wear, just like a wetsuit, but will also ensure a greater degree of grip for hands and feet than they would otherwise experience without protection.

This is incredibly valuable when trying to keep your balance or position on a board during winter.

Floatation Device

Floatation devices or buoyancy aids are generally recommended regardless of the season. However, during winter, there are increased risks involved with cold water and those who submerge themselves or become submerged will experience a greater degree of heat loss, meaning that it is important to limit the amount of time an individual spends underwater.

Floatation devices are simple to set up, affordable, and can make the difference between a pleasant cold water swim and an increased risk of hypothermia. So, before you head out, be sure that you prepare to be safe.

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